How can I book a course?

Springest doesn't only help you find the right training, but also gives you the ability to directly register for certain courses. We want to make sure that you are well informed about this option. Are Therefore, we have answered some frequently asked questions here. Is there something that's still no clear? Let us know via

What happens after I click the 'book now' button?

After you click the 'book now' button you will be redirected to a screen where you can enter your data. The data requested comprises: your full name, email address, phone number and birth date. The trainer needs this information to be able to contact you. If start dates are shown, you can also select one.
Once you click 'Next' you'll come to a second screen where you can enter your address. You also have the option to add any questions or comments. 

Afterwards you'll get an overview of all the data you have entered and you need to click the 'Book' button to complete the process. 

You will receive a "Confirm your booking" email, make sure that you click on the "confirm booking" button, otherwise you won't get enrolled. After you have confirmed your registration via the mail your enrollment is finalised.

Do I have to pay for the training straight away?

No, after you have completed your enrollment the the trainer will  contact you about how and when you need to pay for the training course. You pay the trainer directly rather than Springest.

What happens if a course is canceled?

If a course is canceled you do not have to pay. The trainer will inform you if the course is canceled, they might offer you an alternative course.

Please contact us if you are looking for an alternative course. We can help you find another program.

Why do some courses have no start dates?

Our trainers know that it is important to give us as much information about their training courses as possible. We still have some course pages where no start dates are indicated. In those cases, you will be given a start date after you request for more information or book a course. you will be informed with sufficient time before the courses start.

Why I can book some courses and not others?

This depends on the settings and the type of agreement that the trainer has Springest. As the ability to "directly enroll" is a relatively new feature, there are not many trainers that offer this possibility. We have regular contact with trainers and try to make sure that in the near future it will be possible for the majority of the courses to be bookable through Springest.
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