Introduce us to your HR manager - get a book voucher as a thank you!

Springest makes searching for a training course easy and convenient. But what about the "Learning Management System" used in your organisation? Do you use it to find training courses that will develop your skills? Or is to inconvenient/difficult to use? Or perhaps you didn't even know your company had such a platform? 

That is why we developed  Springest Go, the training catalogue within organisations. Springest Go connects you directly with the courses you want to take to grow professionally. By partnering with Springest, your organisation also benefits from discount agreements with specific training providers, the ability  to add internal trainings, and approval flows for your HR team.

How do I introduce Springest to my HR department and get my book voucher?

  1. Send an email to preferably the HR manager or the manager of your department in the Cc with our colleague Jon Woodroof:
  2. Jon contacts the above person
  3. You will receive a £15 book voucher as a token of our gratitude, to inspire and continue to learn! The mail introduction must result in an appointment or call. : )

Feel free to use / adapt this text:

Jon works at Springest in Amsterdam. Springest is an employee focussed way to compare and book training courses. Their SaaS LMS integrates nicely within corporate intranets and existing HR tools. They work with companies who are experiencing one or more of the following:
• obstacles in motivating employees to pursue learning autonomously
• challenges due to a lack of tools to find and book the courses they want
• HR depts overwhelmed with excessive admin on potentially automate-able tasks
Springest Go helps make this process more efficient and pleasant. By improving the impact of your employee development, they help teams go further! Read here and watch here to learn more (2.5m video)
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