What is a Media Partner?

A Media Partnership is an exclusive cooperation between Springest and a selected media that brings mutually beneficial publicity.

Bloggers, websites, experts, critics - Anyone from the education sector or a sector which can benefit from our offering can become a Media Partner. 

We continuously look for new partnerships, cooperation proposal, and are always open to new ideas via our  contact form.

As a Media Partner you have the opportunity to create your own course platform full of endless opportunities.

You have full control over which courses and/or providers are shown in your website. You choose which courses -  niche subjects vs. broader categories, providers and the type of courses - are relevant for your visitors.

We provide data and technical support for a seamless integration on your website or blog. Data is exchanged via a customised XML or RSS feed. In addition, to your own course portal, you can place banners linking to the course subjects or categories on Springest.

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