What are the advantages of using My Springest?

Keep an eye on previously seen courses

Want to have look at a course that you found during your last research on Springest? Can’t remember the name of that course? No problem - in My Springest you can find all your previously seen courses.

Your Springest Shopping cart - Learning Lists

Another advantage of My Springest is that you can place all courses that you find interesting, and which you will want to have a look at a later date, in a Learning List. To place a course in a learning list click on the little green heart next to the course title and click either on an already created learning list or create a new one right away.

In the My Springest overview you can find all your Learning Lists in the Lists tab.

Springest Discover - Get suggestions for courses that match your profile

If you logged in via LinkedIn, you will get course suggestions based on the qualifications and skills you have listed in your LinkedIn profile. 

Summary of your Bookings and Information Requests

My Springest gives you a summary of all previous bookings and information requests you have done on Springest.

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