Types of Accreditation

There are many types of accreditation and processes vary widely, but they normally involve:

  • external peer review;
  • a definitive yes/no decision at the end of the accreditation process;
  • a time delimited period of accreditation, with further review by the end of the accreditation period;
  • regular monitoring of student performance.

Working out which Accreditation or Awarding Organisation to take your training qualification with is an important part of the decision making process. If you are looking to pursue a specific career, you need to be sure that the accreditation or awarding organisation for your course is relevant and well-reputed. 

At Springest you can browse the list and select Accreditations you’d like to know more about. If the awarding organisation you’re after isn’t on the list, it’s still worth running a search for it as we will still have a number of their qualifications on the site.

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