How do I filter the search results?

You can use our filters to better align the search result to your needs. You can find the filters on the left of the search results:

Filters can help you specify the criteria the training must fulfill. You can apply the following filters:

  • Region: region/area where you want to do the training
  • Start date: the month in which you want to start training
  • Method: type of training - open, distance learning or e-learning study
  • Price: price range of the training
  • Level: level of training - vocational, undergraduate, postgraduate etc.
  • Duration: duration of the training
  • Time of day: preferred training time - morning, afternoon, evening, weekend.
  • Partners & Accreditations: required course or institution certifications

You do not need to select all the filters but it makes the search for an appropriate training course or programme a lot faster.

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