How do you determine which training programme will rank highest?

The factors which influence the order of educational programmes in the ranking list are:

  1. Completeness: the information of the educational programme or training course should be as complete as possible. For example, missing information about the programme such as duration or the number of maximum participants, will lead to a lower ranking of the programme.
  2. Relevance: as with Google the course or programme should be relevant to the query or topic. The level of relevance is determined by the length of the description and the words used. Besides this, the title of the training is of great importance.
  3. Reviews: former participants may write a review about the educational programme or training course they followed. More reviews and more positive ratings lead to a higher ranking.

An education provider can never "buy" the highest ranking position. We do our utmost best to preserve our independence so that our ranking list is as objective and transparent as possible. Any extra exposure linked to advertisements or sponsorships is clearly indicated on the website. 

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