Bookings - How can I approve a booking as a Site Owner

When an approval flow is set, the manager will automatically receive a message when an employee books a course. To approve these bookings, the manager needs to log into the portal with his or her own 'My Springest-account'. More about approving as a manager, you will find in this helpdesk-article (please note this article is in Dutch)

How to approve a booking via the admin as a Site Owner.

  1. Go to your admin environment.
  2. Go to 'Particpants' and select 'Booking Requests' in the dropdown menu that appears. 

  3. Use the filters to find a booking request or find an employee via the search bar.
  4. Click on the 'Eye-symbol' to look at a specific request. 
  5. At the part reserved for 'Managers' you can approve or deny the booking. Please note; make sure the approving manager is aware that you approved these requests via the admin
  6. What to do if a manager is no longer employed at your company?

    When a manager that has to approve bookings is no longer working for your company, it is important to replace this approving manager with another manager in the approval flow. You can do this by changing this in the employee import.

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