How to add admin users as a site owner

As a site owner it is possible to manually add new users to your Springest Go.

The following 2 types of users can be added to your learning portal. All of these types have their own rights: 

  1. Employees
  2. Site Owners

How to add employees to your learning portal

Employees can log in with their own account to your learning portal. Here they can search and book courses and other learning products. 

Too add an employee, you can follow these steps: 

1. Log in as a Site owner in the Admin environment of your own Springest Go.

2. Go to 'Members' and click on 'New My Springest User'. 

3. Fill out the details of the new user in the fields provided. 

4. At 'Member Settings' you can select if this new user is a 'Group Booker' (meaning that they can book courses for other colleagues) or not.

5. Do the bookings of this user need approval from a colleague or manager? At 'Approvers' you can select which colleague needs to approve his or her bookings. If this is not applicable, please leave this field empty. 

6. Important: do not forget to press 'Save'. Your employee will now receive a confirmation via the email address you provided. 

Please note: it is best to use the CSV-import or Employee API whenever possible for adding employees to your portal. 


How to add Site Owners

As a Site Owner it is also possible to add users to the admin of your Springest Go. 

Please note: these users have more rights than My Springest-users (like employees) and 'Bookers' (like managers). Site Owners can download reports and add courses and delete them. 

You can add a new Site Owner as follows:

1. Log in as a Site owner in the Admin environment of your own Springest Go. Click on 'new member'. 

2. Add the email address for the new user at the field provided. 

3.  At 'type of user', select 'Site Owner' 

4. Select 'Invite'. The new user will receive now receive a confirmation via the e-mail address you entered.

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