Employee Data - How to use the CSV Employee Importer

Is this your very first employee import and has the employee importer not been configured yet for your site? You can read how to start with the member import via CSV here.

You can find the importer under 'Import' in the dropdown menu of 'Members' in the Springest Admin. 

At the 'Import' page you will find a history of all imported files and their status. To import a new file, select 'New member import' on the right side of the page. To see the results of an import, click on the date in the table on the left side of the page. 

How to import a new file

Select the file you want to import and select 'Save member import'. Afterwards, you will be send back to the overview where you can see the status of the import. It could take a while for the import to load. This is depends on the size of the file and how much traffic there currently is on the website of Springest. Usually, you can expect the results within a few minutes. 

How to view the results

By clicking on the overview you can see the results. At this page you can see how many employees are new, updated (if their data has changed), disabled (if they are no longer present in the file) and not imported. For those employees that weren't imported, the system will state a reason. 

How to view the configuration

Here you can see how the importer is configured. We follow the standard descriptions in the delivery file. This page makes it easier to solve problems by checking how certain fields should be named. 

Obligated data

Some data are obligated fields in the delivery file: 


  • First name - first_name
  • Last name - last name
  • Email - email_address

If you work with learning budgets for employees:

  • Amount of the learning budget - learning_budget
  • Expiry date of the learning budget - learning_budget_expiry_date
When you're working with manager approval flows :
  • With an approval of 1 manager, the field approver_1 has to be filled out. 
  • With approval of 2 managers, the fields approver_1 and approver_2 have to be filled out. 


  • Approvers have to be present as employee in the member import. 
  • Approvers have to have the same email address as employee and approver. The email address is case sensitive! 
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