Reporting - How to make a report or overview of the number of registrations

As a site owner, you can create and export various reports about the usage of your own Springest Go learning platform. One of these shows the number of bookings or registrations as made by your employees over a certain time span.

You can make an overview of the total number of bookings, the amount of bookings at a certain provider or the amount of registrations for a certain training. With this overview, you can also get insight into the costs or total money spent.

1. Log in as a Site owner in the Admin environment of your own Springest Go.
2. Select 'Leads & Bookings' in the main menu and select ' Leads & Bookings ' once again in the drop down that appears. 
3. Select the time span that you want to report about.

You can add more filters by clicking on the link 'More Filters'. This way, you can also make an overview per manager, department or cost center (if applicable):

4. Click on the button 'Search'.
5. You can export your report and filter or sort it in greater detail by downloading a CSV or Excel(XLS) file.

Looking to create an overview with data different from the sets mentioned above? We're here to help. Contact the Go Support Team with your request via

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